Going Deeper

Thought provoking and heart examining revelations of God’s Word that will challenge you to experience the depths of the wisdom, knowledge and love of God.


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ImageWe had a suddenly take place this past Sunday in church. After the life changing Vous Conference 2014 we just went to, where we were set ablaze with fire and passion in our hearts. We had a suddenly take place this past Sunday in church. From the time the worship team did a run thru to praying/worshipping before service, the presence of God was powerful and tangible.

After the message of Fan the Flame, the suddenly happened!Tears were flowing from the pastor on down, and God moved on hearts like I have not seen before. God began to use these young adults as they moved out and began to speak what The Lord put on their heart to encourage everyone, some of them for the first time. Some of the shy ones were now bold and speaking with power and clarity.

I can’t wait to see what is going to happen this Sunday!

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