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Prophetic Word for Miami – Jane Hamon

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The Reinhard Bonnke Crusade is Friday, July 18th & Saturday July 19th at the AAA Arena in downtown Miami. All of those that have been involved in putting this together, all who have been promoting it in their churches, and those that are supporting it, are looking for a great move of God in that place and in our city.

The prayer leaders have been gathering prophetic words that have been spoken over Miami, to pray in preparation leading up to the crusade.  I was asked if we had any that we were in possession of, and I immediately went back to a conference we did back in 1999. We did a Woman of Destiny Conference with speakers Dr. Fushcia Pickett and Jane Hamon. On the Friday night of the conference, Jane gave a powerful prophetic word for Miami.

Much breakthrough has taken place since then as Miami used to be known as the preachers graveyard, and now there are many mega-churches where there used to be none. But I believe much of this word is for now. Received it.

Though I had this all on cassette tape, I was able to get the audio into digital format to be able to share. Below is the transcript. Please share this, especially with everyone in Miami. Make sure you get there and bring people who need to know the Lord, need to be healed, or need a fresh touch from Him.


Lord I thank you that You are accomplishing a work of unity throughout this city, throughout the South Florida area. There is a penetration in the Spirit realm that is taking place. Each time they stand together and pray, each time they call each other and support one another on the telephone, each time they lift one another up and they encourage one another, there is penetration taking place in this area and tearing down the works of darkness, Father God. And I thank you that Your glory is being exalted over this city, that your glory and the magnificence of your presence is being poured out upon this city.

And the Spirit of the Lord says even to Miami, That even in this day and time that I am breathing a fresh wind of My Spirit upon this city, and I am bringing a fresh season of visitation upon this land. And the Lord says, My people have cried out to Me, my people have prayed and have sought my face. And the Spirit of the Lords says, Now I will surround you round about with My anointing, and I’m going to surround you round about with My glory. For the Lord says, I have called this city to be a city of nations. And the Lord says, There have been nations that have come to you, and many have gone to the nations from you. And the Lord says, That even though I have called you to be an international city, it is for the purpose for you to be raised up as a city of prayer for all nations. And the Lord says, For over the past 10 years been strategically positioning congregations, been strategically positioning intercessors, and strategically positioning pastors, and I have been moving them even as playing pieces on the board until I am able the see the picture I desire to see. For the Lord says, I have put in strategic places in the north and the south and the east and the west and in the center of the city. And the Spirit of the Lord says, Many times these congregations would hear My Voice but they would feel so all alone, they would feel so all alone against the forces of darkness, and many times felt like they were going to crumble under the weight of this city, and even under the territorial strongholds of this city. But the Spirit of the Lord says, I’m here to tell you tonight that I am not just leading isolated churches and isolated congregations positioned on my board, but I am now connecting the dots, says the Spirit of God. And I am building up a strong tower over this city, declares the Spirit of God. Where the enemy has had a stronghold, a Jebusite stronghold of an unclean spirit over this land. And where the enemy has had a stronghold of witchcraft and evil over this land. The Lord declares tonight, that even in My season of visitation, I will not only tear down the strongholds of darkness, but the Lord says, I will erect a stronghold of heaven where the stronghold of the enemy has stood. And the Lord says, that this city will shine for My glory, this city will shine even in this day and time. And the Lord says, I will use many of you because I am filling you with fresh fire, I am filling you with fresh power, I am anointing you with fresh revelation from My Spirit, says the Lord. I am touching you, even touching the coal to your lips, I am touching you with the freshness of My Spirit. The Lord says, it will not be as in days before, it will not be struggle and the press, for I am lifting the heavy burden, I am removing the yoke, I am removing even the veil, says the Spirit of the Lord. And the Lord says, that even this night that I have set into motion spiritual works of My Spirit, that even as the prophet Elisha cried out for the double portion anointing, and as he came back from receiving the mantle of Elijah, and he came to the place of the bitter waters, and even as Miami has been declared to mean the place of the sweet waters, and as the enemy has made this a place of bitter waters. And the Spirit of the Lord says, Did not the prophet take salt and throw it into the bitter waters, in the anointing of the double portion the waters were made sweet. And the prophet declared, from this day forward the water will no longer be bitter and your ground will no longer be barren. And the Lord says, I am breaking the spirit of desolation off of this city, I am breaking the spirit of separation off of this city. And the Lord says, I will have ONE united church in this land, says God, that will come from many streams, and will come from many flows, it will not look any one way but will be a church of diversity, says the Lord. And it will be a church of power and a church of My might, says the Lord. Take a deep breath men and women of God, take a deep breath of My Spirit. And the Lord says, Do not look backwards, for there is a freshness that is being released, there is a freshness of My anointing that is flowing upon your lives in this time. And the Lord says, Listen to Me, look to Me, for I am going to reveal fresh things of My anointing and fresh things of My Spirit, for it won’t be the old way anymore, for I’m bringing you out of the old and into the new, I’m going to pattern new things after you, says the Lord. And you’re going to the see the forces of witchcraft crushed under your foot, you’re going to see voodoo and occult practices smashed as My voice goes forth, for I am releasing the apostolic-prophetic mantle over this city, I am loosing the double-portion anointing over this city, says the Lord. And I am loosing upon those that have been diligently seeking Me and have been crying out, God we need the breakthrough. The Lord says, Miami will be the place of breakthrough, says the Spirit of God. I am loosing you from besiegement and I am bringing you into the fullness of My breakthrough, declares the Spirit of the Lord.



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