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Prophetic Word for Miami – Jane Hamon

The Reinhard Bonnke Crusade is Friday, July 18th & Saturday July 19th at the AAA Arena in downtown Miami. All of those that have been involved in putting this together, all who have been promoting it in their churches, and those that are supporting it, are looking for a great move of God in that place and in our city.

The prayer leaders have been gathering prophetic words that have been spoken over Miami, to pray in preparation leading up to the crusade.  I was asked if we had any that we were in possession of, and I immediately went back to a conference we did back in 1999. We did a Woman of Destiny Conference with speakers Dr. Fushcia Pickett and Jane Hamon. On the Friday night of the conference, Jane gave a powerful prophetic word for Miami. Continue reading


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Do You BELIEVE God? – Part 2


In the wilderness, the Israelites believed the lie that God was powerful enough to bring them out of Egypt, but not faithful enough to bring them into the Promised Land. Unfortunately, often times we do the same thing. We believe what He accomplished for us on the cross. We thank Him for saving us, redeeming us and delivering us. But we have trouble continuing to believe that He will fulfill His promises in our life. If we allow unbelief in the door of our hearts, we believe the same lie as the Israelites. We in essence believe that He was powerful enough to bring us out of darkness, but not faithful enough to bring us into the promise.

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Do we understand just how much the Lord longs for HIS PEOPLE to believe Him? Do we comprehend just how important this is to Him? You have to strip away the religious jargon, and get down to brass tacks and ask yourself, “Do You Believe God?”

This is something that is so basic, yet it is so overlooked. It is something that most Christians almost automatically assume they do, and that is to BELIEVE GOD. How many times however, do our words and our actions tell on us that the contrary is true?  Continue reading